Great For:


Any graduation makes a party – Graduating from kindergarten – middle school or gym camp  – the My Black Dog can serve lemonade and ice  cream – or a bourbon bar for your graduating mechanical Engineer!

Business Openings

There is no be better time to put on a splash – Celebrate a wing at Mayo or a brand new car dealership – Showcase your event and product.

Corporate Outings

Client entertainment is a large part of corporate life – And the My Black Dog bar provides a cozy welcoming fell to any location chosen

Wedding Reception

The rare beauty of the My Black Dog bar is that it can be transported to your wedding, where  ever it is – a barn – or your lake house – or your back yard!

Golf Tournament

Having the My Black Dog bar parked nearby the 18th hole would be a nice welcome a the end of a round of golf – where ever it is held

Private Events

The My Black Dog Bar fits in private situations perfectly – everyone’s back yard – tailing opportunities, for any sport, football to Kentucky Derby viewing!