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4330 Ponte Vedra Blvd

Jacksonville Beach, Fl 32250

(904) 655-5497



(Insert Name)

(Insert Address)

(Insert City, State, Zip)


SERVICES                                                                                        PRICE


A fourteen’ by five’ aluminum                                                     $1,000.00                 

thoroughbred horse trailer – equipped

with its own power source – (generator with

fuel if power not accessible), beverage cooler,

LED lit bar and the very distinct “horse track”

flavor bar mechanics provided – bar tender

provided separately for their cost


VENUE SERVICE CHARGE                                                              $250.00

Inclusive of delivery and

pick up of trailer



Event Date:  ___/___/_____

Start Time:   ___:_____am/pm

End Time:    ___:_____am/pm

Venue:  ______________________

Location:  exact set up address TBD



Estimated Number of Guests:  _____


Day of Contact Person:   ______________

Contact Cell Number:      ______________


                                                                                    Grand Total  $1,250.00                 


Questions?  Changes?  Contact us at any time at (904) 655-5497 or


  • Pricing is subject to change based on availability.

  • A 50% non-refundable deposit is required within 15 days along with this fully executed contract in order to reserve this rental.

  • Remaining balance is to be paid before the beginning of the event in the form of a credit card or cash.No checks will be accepted on the day of the event.

  • Deposit payments accepted in the form of a check mailed to: My Black Dog LLC, 4330 Ponte Vedra Blvd., Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

  • My Black Dog LLC is not responsible for the provision of alcohol and assumes no liability for anyone consuming alcohol at your event(s).

  • My Black Dog Cocktails is not responsible for the actions of any guests relating to or stemming from the consumption of alcohol or other substances supplied by you, clients of yours or others at your event.

  • You assure, that you and all persons consuming alcohol dispensed by rental provided are of legal drinking age, verified by ID

  • You assume full financial responsibility for any altered, damaged or missing equipment and their components.Replacement of equipment and/or equipment will be at fair market value, as determined by My Black Dog LLC

  • You assure that you carry homeowners insurance and/or liability insurance or the equivalent.

  • My Black Dog LLC is not responsible for any cancellations due to acts of god or terrorism.If event is canceled due to weather, you will be able to apply your non-refundable deposit to another event date.

  • My Black Dog LLC assumes no responsibility for damage to property resulting from the presence of rental equipment.


By signing this contract you are agreeing to all terms and conditions of My Black Dog LLC and hereby agree to follow them.


Signature: _________________ Print: ________________ Date: ___/___/____       

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